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We are basically a group of car nuts and in here we try to discuss about the car’s we own and drive as well as any other car’s we’ve driven through other sources like travel or friend’s vehicles. But apart from this we also love anything that has a motor in it and which get’s us excited so we may have some reviews of some power tools and sorts as well.

Hoping to make this website a fun and information filled blog so that customers or petrol heads alike can benefit a lot from it.

We also would love to talk about industry happenings and how our market is being held back by the government in so many ways.

We realized that a lot of websites have misleading information on car’s. This is obviously not a surprise given the financial might of a car manufacturers marketing departments. This is where we think we can help- by providing unbiased and honest reviews of car’s. It’s no surprise then that we are a completely independent automotive website. We aspire to become a car enthusiasts only and main source for unbiased and accurate information. As a result of this , we have decided to maintain  financial independence from the auto industry.


The website has been completely designed ground up by us, with no support from anyone else externally.This gives us the independence to design and further develop the website as and when we wish. Also the site has just gone live on 1st July 2013 with not many members , as a result we can not afford to host the site on solid state drives and hence have to do with just paid shared server hosts for the time being. Once the site gains enough popularity and members, we can slowly move up.


This is just the beginning and we have a long way to go , but our passion runs deep and high and we are sure we will reach much greater heights in no time.


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 Key Features

  • We do NOT accept advertisements from car manufacturers, and is the only automotive website apart from team-bhp. Our content is indubitably honest, as we do not accept any sort of direct advertising money for cars.
  • No paid memberships. All the features on WnM are completely free.
  • Guests can also avail of the information for free, no registration required.
  • We will review anything on wheels, from an Esteem  to a Porsche even
  • We do everything that can be done with / to our cars. DIYs, modifications, engine swaps,restorations, off-roading, track racing, long-distance touring and more.
  • The biggest priority for us is Road safety which will always be highlighted in frequent articles. WnM strictly prohibits from publishing any content showcasing dangerous driving.
  • There is a section to discuss on non-automotive aspects of life as well, such as gadgets , the economy , health and fitness and everything else under the sun.
  • The website forum is also mobile ready. No need to download any apps ! It automatically switch’s to a mobile theme so that you can upload files directly from your mobile.
  • This will be the only website where folks from the car industry and automotive media stay connected. WnM will strive to be the first and last stop for anything on car’s.


[tab title=”Our Philosophy”]

To stand still is the same as moving backward. We remain in pursuit of excellence.

To provide accurate, unbiased information.

WnM stands for the truth, however sweet or bitter it might be. Since we do not accept any advertisements there is zero conflict of incisive reviews , news , opinions and analysis on the automotive industry.

To serve only the car owner & enthusiast.

As individual car owners ourselves, we are absolutely clear about whose interests we wish to serve. Knowledge is power and with this invaluable resource, we EMPOWER car enthusiasts. Reliable and objective information helps us extract the best out of our car ownership & driving experiences.

To promote Road Safety.

WnM is committed to promoting safe and enjoyable motoring. India suffers from the highest accident fatality rates in the world. We educate our readers on the best practices of safe driving, and treat other road users just the way we’d want them to treat us. WnM spreads the message of safety and helps save lives.

To Learn, To Share & To Educate.

We firmly believe that knowledge is useful only if it’s shared with others. What’s more, this encyclopedia is accessible & searchable without any need to register with us. There will be no question that remains unanswered.

To continually raise the benchmark of reporting.

Within the automotive domain, we’re the only ones with an independent thought & opinion. WnM pledges to provide the best, most comprehensive coverage possible to its fans. Every article, report or review we work on has our 100% commitment. Indeed, we only want to publish content that we’ll be proud of. Cars are a way of life for us!