Car Battery’s – Do’s and Dont’s

Your Car Battery -DO's and DONT's

Your Car Battery -DO’s and DONT’s

Car batteries are an integral part of a car. You must know that car batteries these day’s get charged by an alternator. The basic principle is to make sure that all your electricity intensive applications run on the alternator rather than the batteries directly.


  • When your car is not running on the engine make sure you don’t turn ON any of the high power consuming applications in the car like a Stereo, headlight’s, Power Window’s,
  • Use your car’s engine self to the minimum. This hog’s a lot of power. So during short waiting period’s it’s better not to turn of your car. Not using the self much saves fuel as well.
  • Avoid leaving your Key in Ignition ON position for too long. It consumers more power.


  • Get your batteries checked during your regular service intervals.
  • If your car is idle for longer duration like 2 month’s, better to take it out on a long drive (1-2 hours) to charge the batteries.
  • Keep the battery bay clean. Usually the small quantities of water ( while topping up ) which get trapped in the bay due to leakages can lead to corrosion.
  • Make sure the battery terminals are always clean. The compounds formed can eat up the metal at very high rates.
  • Check the electrolyte level during Summers mostly.
  • Ensure that the battery bay, brackets, screws and connectors are all tight and secure.

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