2012 Fluidic Verna/Accent Gearbox grinding issue solved

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  1. Suresh REDDY says:

    I have Verna diesel engine gear shifting problem after starting the engine and no problem in gear transmission When engine is not started.son I take out car by engaging gear and start the engine after running for 10 kms and when heat meter shows The needle to half, I can shift gears Normal .what could be the reason why the same shifting gear is a problem in the begining after starting engine.
    Is this the problem of gear lever, clutch cable, slave cylinder kit,or clutch plate assembly
    Please respond Suresh Reddi Andhra Pradesh

  2. Mohamed Rafiq says:

    Excellent job you have done congratulations and thank you very much because I have got the same problem and I am going to solve this. Once again thank you very much

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