How to protect your car’s Turbo

“Idling” your Turbo Charged car

With stricter emission norms all manufacturer’s are now turning towards turbo charged engines to get the perfect balance between performance and efficiency. Nearly every Diesel Engine in India is Turbo Charged.

Also repair charges for a failed Turbo range between 50,000 – 2,00,000 Rs, not cheap ! So although modern Turbo Charged engines have a higher tolerance towards premature failures, there is no harm in taking precautionary steps.

When starting your car early in the morning :

  • Let your car idle for 30-60 Seconds. If you’re getting bored waiting you can use this time to set your music playlist, mirrors seating adjustment etc.
  • As soon as you drive off, you will see that the engine temperature will still be low. During this period just remember to stay below 2,000 RPM until the engine warm’s up. This is good to practice also on naturally aspirated car’s.
  • For very short trips the pre-start idling could be annoying, in such cases just ensure that you remain at low RPM’s.

When your journey ends:

  • Just before the end of your journey, keep your RPM’s below 2000. Don’t worry all car’s are drive able at respectable speeds at such low RPM’s.
  • Let the car idle for 30-60 seconds before shutdown. You can wile away your time as stated above in the cool down procedure.
  • Some people rev their turbo charged car before shutdown. Avoid doing that !

Other important points:

  • Get your oil changes done strictly at prescribed intervals as per your manual. Bad oil damages your turbo.
  • Synthetic oil provides better lubrication and cooling properties to your engine and turbo charger over mineral oil.
  • Also make sure to change your air filters during prescribed intervals as a bad air filter has a negative impact on the turbo charger.
  • After a hard highway drive, during your mid way stops it would be better to let your car idle for 2 minutes before shutting down.
  • The above recommendations apply for Turbo Petrol engines too.