2014 Benz A250 Sport Review

Mercedes’s compact hot hatch is finally here but is it really that hot ?
The A250 looks so fresh and youthful in the Sport variant. It’s looks sporty too unlike the previous generation vehicle which looked a bit hideous.


2010 Lexus IS 300 Long Term Review

The Lexus IS 300 often ridiculed as a Glorified Toyota Corolla, but is it really ?
This truly is one good looking car. Has aged really well and looks so much better than the current generation’s over exaggerated front design.


Mercedes Benz SUV Event

I was invited for the Mercedes Benz SUV Event : Test Drive the Best Drive at Sahara Club this Thursday....


Natural Chamois Leather vs Synthetic Chamois

So a Supplier sends me this natural Chamois Leather from UK to be reviewed and since I’ve been using a synthetic chamois all my life , thought I’d pit it up against its new natural rival.


2010 Camaro SS Supercharged Review

America’s head turning Muscle Car turned into a Brute Monster.

GM’s answer to Ford’s then 4.6 Litre boat anchor Mustang. Wow, What an answer !